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Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty: The Ultimate Guide

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose. It is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world, and can be used to improve the appearance of the nose, correct breathing problems, or both.

At Aurora Clinic, we offer rhinoplasty consultations to help you decide if this procedure is right for you. We will discuss your goals for the surgery, and help you choose the best technique for your individual needs.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can be used to change the size, shape, or structure of the nose. It can also be used to correct breathing problems caused by a deviated septum or a narrow nasal passage.

The most common rhinoplasty procedures involve:

  • Reducing the size of the nose
  • Reshaping the bridge of the nose
  • Raising the tip of the nose
  • Narrowing the nostrils
  • Correcting a deviated septum

Who is a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a good option for people who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose or who have breathing problems caused by a deviated septum.

To be a good candidate for rhinoplasty, you should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations for the results of the surgery. You should also be willing to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully during the recovery period.

What are the Risks of Rhinoplasty?

All surgery carries some risks, and rhinoplasty is no exception. Some of the potential risks of rhinoplasty include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Numbness
  • Scarring
  • Unnatural appearance
  • Breathing problems

It is important to discuss the risks of rhinoplasty with your doctor before making a decision about the procedure.

What is the Recovery Process for Rhinoplasty?

The recovery process for rhinoplasty varies from person to person, but it typically takes several weeks to fully heal. You will need to wear a splint on your nose for several days after surgery, and you may experience some pain and swelling.

You will also need to avoid strenuous activity and blowing your nose for several weeks. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for your nose during the recovery period.

What are the Results of Rhinoplasty?

The results of rhinoplasty are generally permanent. However, it is important to note that your nose may continue to change slightly over time as the swelling goes down.

The final results of rhinoplasty will depend on your individual anatomy and the surgeon’s skill. In most cases, rhinoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of the nose and can also improve breathing problems.

If you are considering rhinoplasty, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. We will discuss your goals for the surgery and help you choose the best technique for your individual needs.

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